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Ljusdal, Sweden

Yenisei World Cup champion after a late Golden Goal by Vladimir Mitryushkin against Ljusdals BK!
4-4 after ordinary time and 3-2 to Ljusdal at half time.

A unique meeting in Ljusdal!

Many great Western statesmen have failed to get a meeting with leaders from the great country in the east. But Björn Swartswe succeeded and received the Chinese embassy official Liu Kuolai at the railway station in Ljusdal before the cup. What that might mean for future bandy collaboration around the world remains to be seen. But big changes always start with a step…

-In the northeast part of China the climate is perfect for natural ice and there is bandy played. In that part of the country, there are 100 million people living in three provinces, but I believe that only 10-20,000 people are engaged in winter sports. I’ve heard that it is played with a bent club and ball in those areas. The potential for bandy should be very high. The conditions really exist for China to invest seriously in bandy, says Mr Kuolai.

He was curious about the game in Ljusdal, even though he has seen a bandy match in Sweden before. It was in Stockholm where he works as an official at the Chinese embassy.

A major economic crisis threatened the World Cup!

An acute financial crisis and a tremendous effort by the people of the area saved the tournament in Ljusdal. The sponsors had decided to drop out after the 10th anniversary last year and it was extremely close to the death of the tournament.
– We were facing a crisis and were prepared to drop out of the event when we were to face the international bandy federation at a meeting in Örebro in February, cup general Björn Swartswe told the local newspapers.
However, the planned meeting was cancelled and a big change of scene started. In a couple of months, the picture changed completely when about a hundred local companies around Hälsingland stepped in to save the tournament.
Suddenly Mr Swartswe and company see a light in the future. Especially as the tournament has World Cup status and is growing in reputation in other countries. Not least, it has become prestigious to win in Ljusdal for the big teams from the Soviet Union, but teams from other nations also goes seriously for the tournament.

All Star Team!

Peter Karlsson, Ale Surte

Joe Lönngren, Edsbyn, Viktor Sjakalin, Yenisei, Kjell Berglund, Sirius, Urban Andersson, Motala and Peter Olsson, Boltic.

Christer Kjellqvist, Villa and Yuri Pershin, Yenisei.

Tord Amdré, Ljusdal, Sergei Lomanov, Yenisei and Mikael Arvidsson, Villa.

Best goal scorers in Round Robin

6 goals
Per Hedqvist, Broberg

4 goals
Veikko Niemikorppi, IFK Helsingors, Vitaly Anufrienko and Andreij Pashkin, Yenisei, Alexander Tsyganov, Dynamo Moscow, Lars Hydling, Sirius, Lars Andersson, Motala, Christer Kjellqvist and Mikael Arvidsson, Villa, Ove Fridh and Patrick Johansson, Edsbyn