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Oulu and Tornio, Finland, 24 March-1 April

The host this year was Finland. The host cities were Oulu (Uleåborg) and Tornio. The games in Tornio were played on the Swedish side of the boarder at Gränsvallen in Haparanda. Raksila artificial ice rink was the game arena in Oulu. Seven countries participated in the tournament; Sweden, Russia, Finland, Norway, Kazakhstan, the United States and Belarus. Belarus made its first appearance in the World Championship.

The event was later than in previous years, with the tournament taking place from March 24 and the final being played on April 1. The International Bandy Federation had decided that the tournament should play with a new ball of 63 mm in curcumference. 

The teams initially played a single series, with positions 1-4 advancing to the semi-finals and positions 5-6 playing for fifth place. Sweden won the first round ahead of Russia in second place. Other places in the semi finals went to Kazakhstan and Finland. In the last round of the series, Finland lost to Kazakhstan by 7-12, and some accused Finland of doing so intentionally, thus avoiding playing against Russia in the semi finals. That received considerable attention in Swedish media. 

In the semi final Sweden beat Finland and in the second semi final Russia defeated Kazakhstan. In the bronze medal game, Finland defeated Kazakhstan. In the final, Russia beat Sweden with a 6-1 win.

The tournament failed in terms of organization and economy. Due to too expensive tickets, there were few spectators, which, owing in part to the big arrangements, created problems for the Finnish Bandy Federation’s economy.

1 RUSSIA         

Vyacheslav Ryabov, Andrei Balandin, Alexei Shcheglov, Andrei Zolotarjev, Pavel Franz, Valery Grachev, Alexander Tiukavin, Alexei Chizhov, Mikhail Svechnikov, Rinat Shamsutov, Yuri Pogrebnoi, Ivan Maksimov, Sergei Luhovin, Nikolai Yarovich, Sergei Lomanov, Sergei Obuhov, Oleg Chubinsky, Maxim Cherny

2 SWEDEN          

Andreas Bergwall, Daniel Kjörling, Andreas Westh, Daniel Eriksson, Marcus Bergwall, Göran Rosendahl, Lars Gustafsson, Jonas Holgersson, Michael Carlsson, Magnus Muhrén, Per Fosshaug, Patrik Södergren, Ted Andersson, Patrik Sandell, Anders Östling, Henrik Hagberg


Pasi Inoranta, Timo Oksanen, Heikki Hyvönen, Petteri Lampinen, Juha Laitinen, Tommy Österberg, Jukka Ohtonen, Janne Höltö, Kimmo Huotelin, Samuli Niskanen, Jarno Väkiparta, Mika Mutikainen, Ari Holopainen, Sami Laakkonen, Harri Kauhanen


21 goals
Michael Carlsson, Sweden
17 goals
Christer Lystad, Norway, Sergei Obuchov, Russia and Sergei Pokidov, Kazakhstan
16 goals
Sergei Lomanov, Russia
13 goals
Pål Hansen, Norway
12 goals
Robert Arnesen, Norway and Oleg Tchernov, Russia
10 goals
Ari Holopainen, Finland
9 goals
Sami Laakkonen and Samuli Niskanen, Finland, Alexei Sagarsky, Kazakhstan, Patrick Sandell and Anders Östling, Sweden


Goal keeper
Thomas Arnesen, Norway

Viktor Shakalin, Russia

Samuli Niskanen, Finland

Igor Gapanovich, Russia