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Ljusdal, Sweden, 27-30 October

World Cup for men was of course played in Ljusdal. The tournament was held on October 27–30. Bollnäs GIF won and are new World Cup champion after a final victory against Edsbyns IF 3–2. But it took extra time before the teams could be separated as the game after regular time was 2-2.

Bollnäs and Edsbyn played in the same group in the Round Robin stage. Bollnäs won all three games, Tornio, Finland 7-1, SKA Neftyanik 2-1 and Edsbyn 3-1. Edsbyn won two games, SKA Neftyanik 5-2 and Tornio 10-4.

Bollnäs beat Sandviken in the quarter final 2-0 and Broberg in semi final but that was after 2-2 after ordinary time and 4-3 in a penalty shootout.