by | Jun 3, 2024 | History

Edsbyn, Sweden, 9-12 October

Once again Kareby from Sweden defended the World Cup title. In the final Kareby beat AIK 4-2.

Group A was won by Sandviken who won all three group games. Sandviken also beat Kareby 3-1. Kareby won all of the other three group games, Söråker 8-0, the Finnish team Wiipuren Sudet 8-0 and Hammarby IF 4-0.

AIK played in Group B in the Round Robin and also ended up in second place after Russian Record who won all four group games and beat even AIK 4-2. But AIK won all the other three games in the group against Västerås SK 7-0, Nässjö IF 6-0 and Härnösand 4-0.

In the semi final Kareby won against Record 3-2 and AIK won against Sandvikens AIK 6-2.

The bronze medals ended up in Irkutsk in Russia as Record won against Sandviken 6-0.