by | Jun 3, 2024 | History

Sandviken, Sweden, 12-15 October

The winner was the host club Sandvikens AIK after beating Yenisei in the final in a really exciting game that ended 3-3 after 1-1 at half time. Golden Goal had to decide the final and it was Sandviken that made that important last goal.

Sandviken ended up on second place in Round Robin Group D after group winning SKA Neftyanik. Sandviken beat Vänersborg 2-1 and IK Sirius 5-1 but lost against SKA Neftyanik 3-4. In the quarter final Sandviken won against Broberg 4-3 and in the semi final against SKA Neftyanik 3-2.

Yenisei played in Group B and won against Hammarby 2-0 and Stabæk 9-0 but played a draw against Villa Lidköping 2-2. Yenisei qualified to semi final after beating Baikal Energy 11-1 in the quarter final. In the semi final they met Hammarby and won 5-2.