4-nation tournament canceled!

by | Jan 6, 2022 | 4-Nations Tournament, News

The Swedish Bandy Federation has decided not to arrange the 4-nation tournament for national teams that would have been played on January 21-23 in Sweden. The decision was submitted to FIB only one week after the federations’s chairman Per-Anders Gustavsson informed FIB that the 4-nation tournament will be held. The reason now stated is the spread of infection in Sweden. Federation of International Bandy is therefore forced to state that the tournament is not carried out as planned.

There is a well-known conflict of interest within the Swedish Bandy Federation between what is best for the Swedish national Elitserien and the federation’s international commitments. Many league matches have been postponed and the number of reserve days is decreasing. League manager Per Selin has earlier stated that the weekend that was set aside for the 4-nation tournament should instead be used for games in Elitserien

The 4-nation tournament is unfortunately the second tournament to be changed in Sweden at the last minute. Previously, the World Championship for women could not be carried out as planned and has therefore been moved to later in the season. A decision on the venue will be made after the coming weekend.

Sweden has also decided not to participate in the World Championship for Men Y21 which is planned to be played in Jyväskylä, Finland, on January 21-23. The reason is also said here to be the spread of infection in Sweden and not based on the infection situation at the place where the tournament is to be played, in Jyväskylä, Finland.

All FIB-sanctioned tournaments this season are arranged based on clear covid guidelines that FIB has worked out so that each tournament is arranged with the greatest certainty for all participants.