Approvals for World Cup men and World Championship 2022!

by | Mar 12, 2020 | 2019-wc-men, 2020-wcs-men-a, 2020-wcs-men-b, News

FIB Technical Committee has approved that the World Cup for men’s club teams will be played in Russia this coming season. As a way to further develop the tournament, it will be played alternately in Russia and Sweden every two years.

World Cup has been organized for many years and played in Sweden. Several games were also played at night when it was held in Ljusdal. Due to too warm weather, the tournament was moved to Göransson indoor arena in Sandviken in 2009.

Russian, Swedish and Finnish teams have won the tournament over the years. The latest champion team is Bollnäs GIF from Sweden who won in Sandviken in October 2019.

The new order for the cup to be played every two years in Russia and Sweden will start with the tournament being played in Russia this coming season. The date of the tournament is not yet decided.

FIB Technical Committee has also approved that the World Championship for Men 2022 will be played in Russia.