by | Dec 13, 2018 | Olympics

Bandy compares well to the 15 current Olympic Winter Game sports!

A report “Benchmarking as a Cutterbolt into the Olympic Wall” shows that bandy is the #2 winter sport in participation based on data from international federations. The report demonstrates that bandy command greater Universality, compared to most incumbent Olympic Disciplines.

With high attendance at world championships bandy is the #2 winter sport in tickets sold per day of competitions. In addition, probability analysis suggest that bandy will facilitate higher than average spectatorship at stadiums.

Bandy is the only major heritage sport, not in the Olympics, despite being the Continental heritage sport of North-Asia and National Heritage and Legacy Sport of Russia, Kazakhstan, Finland, and Sweden. The report highlighted that the OWG is concentrated in Europe, or Europe plus North America in terms of heritage sport on the Programme, athletes base and concentration of medals. This contrast the Olympic Charter that embrace five Continents recognized by the five interlaced rings.

Bandy scores 3rd on the Continental spread of athletes and command better Continental spread of excellence than many Disciplines that essentially are Western European only.

The Olympic Charter explicitly promotes women in sport implementing equality of women and men. Bandy scores 4th on gender equality.