Bandy referee – A life on ice!

by | Oct 5, 2023 | News

There is no doubt that the referees are important for the development of bandy. The Swedish Bandy Association have gone to action and published a video about the life as a referee to get more people interested in the important role for bandy. The video is in Swedish but probably interesting to watch for everybody in the family of bandy. 

The opinions around bandy referees are often many and it is said that they are at their best when they are not visible at all. We know one thing for sure. The sport of bandy needs more referees. As part of this broad work, the video “Bandy Referee – A Life on Ice” is now presented. An action-packed and documentary to highlight and draw attention to the referees’ diligent work.

The importance of the referees cannot be overestimated. Quick decisions help maintain order on the ice, prevent dangerous situations, and promote sportsmanship among players and spectators. Without knowledgeable referees, bandy matches cannot be played.

The referees also contribute to the development of the sport by setting an example of fair play and sportsmanship. They help to maintain respect for the rules as well as for the opposing team, which promotes a positive atmosphere for both players and spectators.


-It is absolutely crucial for the sport that we have referees and that they are equipped to take on the task. We know that it can often be tough to referee bandy and that the pressure can feel heavy. However, we also know that you get an incredible amount back as a bandy referee, both on a sporting and personal level, says Pär Gustafsson, Secretary General of the Swedish Bandy Association.

.-This video shows, among other things, a sense of community and that you as a referee are important in a context. Ulrik Bergman is truly a role model when it comes to inclusion and leadership, says Pär Gustafsson.

In the film we get to follow one of Swedish bandy’s great referee profiles Ulrik Bergman. Ulrik Bergman is originally from Värne and has received his bandy education in Mellby IF.

Nowadays he lives in Uppsala. Bergman has been an elite referee for many years and has won awards for his refereeing. Among other things, he received the Swedish Bandy Association’s award Referee of the Year 2020/2021.

The film shows Ulrik Bergman’s inclusive and warm leadership style as well as his determination and integrity on the ice. Different qualities that create great trust, respect and understanding among the elite players and other referees. 

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