by | Oct 13, 2019 | 2019-wc-men, News, Tournaments

Bollnäs GIF became the first team to advance to the final game of this year’s World Cup. In a swinging and dramatic semifinal against last year’s champion Villa Lidköping, Bollnäs won by penalty shots. The match ended 3-3 after Bollnäs took the lead 2-0 in first half. Villa came back in the second half and went up to 3-2 before Bollnäs set the final score to 3-3.


Goals of the match
1-0 (11) Oscar Westh, assist Christoffer Fagerström
2-0 (16) Per Hellmyrs, assist Ville Aaltonen
2-1 (35) Johan Esplund
2-2 (41) Joakim Andersson, assist Martin Karlsson
2-3 (50) Samuli Helavuori, assist Daniel Mossberg
3-3 (59) Joel Broberg

Scorers in the penalty shooting
1-0 Christoffer Fagerström
2-0 Andreas Westh