by | May 1, 2022 | News

A couple of different websites, including the USA Bandy Federation, have published that a Women’s World Championship will be held already 2023 in USA and only contain the four teams that recently participated in the A-group in Sweden.

FIB finds it important to inform that no decisions have been made regarding the future Womens World Championship and no application to arrange has been received. In the established planning, the next women’s tournament will be played in 2024, as the Women’s World Championship is played every two years.

There is an ambition within FIB and among several national federations that womens championship can be played every year. It is an ambition for the development of women’s bandy. Another part of this development is that several countries and also new countries will be able to participate. Playing with only four national teams, and not even the top four in the World, that the United States wants does not go in the direction of developing. One thing which need to be considered is then also the economy because it is much more expensive for especially smaller national federations to play the championship every year. In addition to that it also needs to be considered where the tournaments are to be played depending on distance for travels.

The decision-making process for all international championships according to the rules of FIB is that the national federations can register an application to become host country for a certain tournament. Thereafter, the matter is dealt with in both the FIB Technical Committee and the FIB Executive Committee.

There are now two planned regular meetings in the next five months where, among other things, decisions about upcoming tournaments will be made.

  • FIB Executive Committee at the end of May
  • FIB Annual Congress in September.