Corona spread in Sweden!

by | Mar 20, 2021 | News

Swedish bandy currently has a major problem with the spread of corona virus. The problems are concentrated to Semifinal A between Villa Lidköping BK and Sandvikens AIK. The teams have each won one game that has been played. The third game on Thursday was canceled when the spread of infection had been found in the team of Sandviken, which was forced to leave WO. During the same day, the spread of infection was also found in Villa. Game 4 has been canceled due to the extensive spread of infection that rages in both teams.

The Swedish Bandy Federation and Swedish Elitebandy are now working to find a solution on how the Semifinal A can be played. It will most likely also have consequences for the final to be played on March 27. It probably needs to be moved forward. Decisions are expected to come in the next few days.