Cup of Russia already underway!

by | Aug 2, 2021 | News

The bandy season 2021-2022 has already started with cup games in Russia. When the teams in other countries have come a bit into the pre-season training, the competition matches have already started in Russia. The Cup of Russia takes place between August 1 and October 4.

The teams are divided into two Round Robin groups before the playoffs start later. The groups are “Group West” with 8 teams: Dynamo Moscow, Rodina Kirov, Start, Dynamo Kazan, Vodnik, Murmansk, Stroitel and Volga. “Group Vostok” consists of 6 teams: Yenisei, Baikal Energy, Kuzbass, SKA Neftyanik, Sibselmash and Uralsky Trubnik.

The Cup of Russia started on Sunday August 1 and continued today August 2. The results so far:
Yenisei-Uralsky Trubnik 8-1
Sibselmsh-Baikal Energy 2-6
Rodina-Dynamo Moscow 1-18
Kuzbass-SKA Neftyanik 4-3
Baikal Energy-Yenisei 4-5

The matches in the first stage started with a minute of silence in memory of three legendary persons in Russian bandy:
Honored Master of Sports and four-time World Champion Roman Yurievich Geysel, Honored Master of Sports and six time world champion Maxim Vitalyevich Ishkeldin and Head of the national teams of Russia Vladislav Anatolyevich Spinka.

Live broadcasts of all matches are available on the Youtube channels of the club “Kuzbass” and “Volga” (the start time of the matches is indicated in Moscow).