Development Camp for the future!

by | Aug 30, 2023 | News

The Federation of International Bandy will together with Stockholm Bandy Federation in Sweden arrange a Development Camp this fall, November 3-5. This is part of FIB’s efforts to focus on the development of the bandy nations that have not yet reached the top of the world bandy.

An invitation has been sent out to all the national member associations of FIB, except the elite teams in World Championship Group A. For FIB, gender equality work is a priority and therefore it is obvious that both men and women are invited to this Development Camp. The new knowledge that the participation provides will of course also be passed on from the participants to their teammates at home, both in national teams and in club teams. 

All attending players will be provided with a weekend full of practical drills on the ice as well as theoretical educations to improve their skills and knowledge in bandy.

Instructors on the ice will be highly educated coaches with great knowledge of teaching out the basics and skills of bandy. Instructors for goalkeepers will of course be present at the camp too. A maximum of 26 players, of which 4 goalkeepers can attend. The camp is open for all men and women from all B-nations.

The venue will be Gubbängens Indoor Skating- and bandyarena in Stockholm.