by | Mar 27, 2022 | News

Dynamo Moscow new champion in Russia!
The final of the Russian Super League was played on Sunday March 27 on Republican Stadium in Syktyvkar. The final was played between Dynamo Moscow and Vodnik Arkhangelsk. Dynamo had advanced to the final through a victory in the semifinal against SKA Neftyanik with 2-0 in matches. Vodnik reached the final after a semifinal victory against Kuzbass with 2-1 in matches.

The final was very exciting. It was only decided at the end when Dynamo Moscow went from the lead with 3-2 to 5-2 during the last 7 minutes of the match. The halftime score was 1-1. 

The goals in the Russian final Dynamo Moscow-Vodnik Arkhangelsk:
1-0 (7) Almaz Mirgazov, assist Nikita Ivanov
1-1 (41) Evgeny Dergaev, penalty shot
1-2 (47) Sergey Kalinin, assist Maxim Antsiferov
2-2 (51) Evgeny Filippov, assist Egor Akhmanaev
3-2 (59) Almaz Mirgazov, assist Sergey Shaburov
4-2 (83) Almaz Mirgazov, assist Sergey Shaburov
5-2 (85) Egor Akhmanaev, assist Nikita Ivanov

Kuzbass won the game for third place against SKA Neftyanik 7-3 on Sunday, March 20.