by | Mar 12, 2019 | News

Bandy make inroads to Slovak Carpthian High Tatras Mountains right now. The Slovak Ministers of Sport and of Education were enthusiastic about bandy’s size and prospects in Slovakia presented by FIBs Michael Bratt. Eight schools, including one Russian, participate with youth rinkbandy teams in the Slovak Winter Youth Olympics in the city Poprad Tatry. About 1500 youth compete in six Winter sports and arts organized by the Slovak School Sport Federation and patronaged by the Minestry of Education and the Slovak Olympic Committee. The bandy campaign is led by the Slovak Bandy Federation’s Lukas Vepy and FIB’s envoy Michael Bratt. The matches plays in the Poprad Hockey Arena March 12-13. The city of Poprad Tatry is famous for ice hockey bosting names like Peter Bondra and Peter Ihnacak.