FIB Concludes WADA Code Compliance Procedures

by | Nov 3, 2023 | News

As part of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Code Compliance Monitoring Program, Signatories of the WADA Code were required to complete a Code Compliance Questionnaire (CCQ) starting in 2022. The purpose of the CCQ was to assess implementation of the 2021 Code and International Standards by Code Signatories with the goal to further strengthen and harmonize the global anti-doping system.

FIB, as a Tier 2 International Federation (WADA Signatory Tier System), received the CCQ in Q2 2022. After the completion of the CCQ, WADA issued a Corrective Action Report (CAR), where FIB was required to address some further non-conformities which were identified by WADA. By further enhancing the FIB anti-doping program, FIB created a plan for implementing those corrective actions.

As the result of the procedures put into place and following the review of the CAR related to the Code Compliance Questionnaire and the subsequent submissions addressing the relevant requirements, WADA has concluded that FIB has successfully addressed all corrective actions contained in the CAR.

Attila Adamfi

Attila Adamfi, FIB Vice President and Acting General Secretary concluded:
-I am extremely happy that we have successfully concluded the Code Compliance procedures. The new and enhanced Anti-Doping Program of FIB will further level the playing field and promote Clean Sport values. This naturally does not mean that we do not have to continue to improve our Anti-Doping Program, many actions will be implemented in the near future. I would like to thank WADA for their continuous support, and my colleagues for their hard work in ensuring that FIB remains WADA Code compliant.