FIB Congress approves amendments of its Statutes

by | Sep 28, 2023 | News

This week, September 26, 2023, FIB held an Executive Committee (EC) meeting followed by an Extraordinary Congress to discuss the governance reforms of the organization. The main focus of the meetings was the amendments of the FIB Statutes which were submitted by the EC to the Congress for final approval. 

The proposed changes in the Statutes included good governance principles, introduction of age and term limits and Athlete representation in the EC. In addition, the size of the EC and the number of standing Committees were reduced and quorum for the Congress was implemented in the Statutes. The Congress supported all the amendments by unanimously approving the changes. The amended Statutes are available here on the FIB website.

Stein Pedersen

Stein Pedersen, President of FIB stated after the Congress:
-We are delighted to have the support of the Congress by seeing the importance of reforming our operation by approving the amendments. This was a much-needed step toward the development of our sport.

Attila Adamfi

Attila Adamfi, Acting General Secretary added:
-This is the first step in our comprehensive governance reform, and I am thrilled to see the support of our Congress in this movement. As a next step the different conditions, guidelines, and terms of references of FIB will be reviewed to further the good governance and transparency principles of the sport.

On a different topic, FIB EC decided to grant a provisional membership status to Italy after their application as a new member.