by | Oct 27, 2022 | News

FIB Executive Committee at the meeting in Helsinki, Thursday October 27, 2022.
Top row from left: Arne Anderstedt, Magnus Sköld, Vadim Grishpun, Attila Adamfi, Leo Segerman and Stein Pedersen. Front row from left: Bo Nyman, General Secretary, Boris Skrynnik, President and Zinaida Belonoshko, Executive Assistant. Zhu Zhiqiang, Evgeniy Epifanov and Per-Anders Gustafsson participated online.

The FIB Executive Committee held a meeting at the Scandic Helsinki Airport Hotel in Finland on Thursday, October 27. It is the first live meeting that has been arranged in quite some time and only three members participated online. Helsinki is also the meeting place on Friday, October 28. FIB will then hold the annual congress with representatives from the national member federations for decision making on several important current and future matters.

During the pandemic and the war in Ukraine the international bandy business has adapted to different solutions for meeting formats as well as implementations of international tournaments. It will certainly still be like this for quite some time, even if all bandy players, coaches, referees, spectators, officials and media wants to have the opportunity to return to what has characterized international bandy for a long time, exciting championships with the best teams participating.

The meeting with the FIB EC continued throughout Thursday afternoon and the FIB Annual Congress will be held on Friday afternoon, October 28.

Information from the congress will be published later here on the FIB website.