by | Jan 10, 2019 | News

“The one waiting for something good, does not wait too long” – Thats an old Swedish saying. And about the website it might be true. FIB today, January 10, launched this new website!

Interesting and trustworthy content, easy navigation and quick updates is our ambition! As editor and administrator of the website I will do my best to achieve these ambitions! If you have ideas for content, news or want to leave your comments, you can send an e-mail to my current address

Our “game plan” is to start with this current website and develop it with new content, images and video clips. Soon we will, for example, start a series of interviews with interesting people in the bandy world. It can be FIB officials, players, leaders, referees and other exciting people in the family of bandy.

At the World Championships in Vänersborg we are in place to provide reports and pictures from games, updated results after each game and current tables

Best regards!
Kjell Anderstedt, FIB