by | Aug 12, 2020 | News

FIB is working intensively right now to be able to carry out the season’s planned international tournaments. FIB is doing everything possible to carry out World Championship Group A in Irkutsk, Russia as planned. As is well known, the tournament was planned for last spring but was postponed until October 5-11. The plan for FIB is that the tournament will also be played then.

Other tournaments decided for the coming season are also planned to be held. The details of each tournament are not complete. When details are ready, we will inform here on FIB website.

The ongoing corona pandemic is constantly creating new conditions for many different countries. Restrictions on how people can socialize and how to travel within and outside each country are not constant, but new decisions are made at short notice. Therefore, of course, FIB also continuously monitors the decisions taken within the parliaments, foreign ministries and health authorities of the various countries. FIB is awaiting new recommendations that affect the sport, for example for international travel and decisions about the audience’s presence in the arenas. For Sweden, for example, new decisions on restrictions will be made August 31.

FIB has contacts with the embassies, for example the Russian embassies to be informed about the handling of visa issues especially in front of the World Championship in October.

FIB does its best to constantly increase interest in bandy and to develop the sport at the various levels it is practiced and we do so even in this time when so much in our world is different. But the work is constantly ongoing, despite this.