by | Jan 26, 2020 | News, Tournaments, training-tournaments

Pictures: Patric Huittinen

Finland made a strong performance and surprised a great deal in the 3-nation tournament! Finland beat Sweden (3-2) and played draw with Russia (3-3). Finland won the tournament to win the penalty shootout against Russia after the draw. The victory in the tournament has certainly given Finland a strong confidence. Now we can look forward to a very interesting tournament in the World Championship in Irkutsk March 29-April 5. Both Russia and Sweden have the revenge to demand on Finland and especially Sweden needs to become more powerful to threaten Russia and Finland.


The goals in the decisive game
1-0 (15) Eetu Peuhkuri
1-1 (24) Alan Dzhuoev
2-1 (60) Jimi Heinonen
2-2 (71) Nikita Ivanov
3-2 (74) Niklas Holopainen
3-3 (79) Dmitry Makarov

The goals in penalty shootout
0-1 Egeny Dergaev
0-2 Alan Dzhuoev
1-2 Niklas Holopainen
2-2 Tuomas Määttä
3-2 Teemu Määttä
3-3 Nikita Ivanov
4-3 Jaakko Hyvönen