Finland won the bronze medals!

by | Feb 2, 2019 | Tournaments, world-championship-men-2019

Finland won the bronze medals through a safe win against Kazakhstan with 8-2 after 3-0 in half time. Finland has made a well-executed tournament. In a few years, perhaps Finland may threaten Russia and Sweden seriously. It really needs to the World Championships to get more even fights. Of course, Finland won quite fairly against Kazakhstan and there was never any discussion about the victory. Tuomas Määttä was the best player of the game, he also scored 3 goals.

All the goals:
1-0 Teemu Määttä (12)
2-0 Tuomas Määttä (14)
3-0 Tomi Hauska (43)
4-0 Ville Aaltonen (48)
4-1 Rauan Issalyev (50) Penalty stroke
5-1 Tuomas Määttä (56)
6-1 Eetu Peuhkuri (61)
7-1 Tuomas Määttä (68)
8-1 Emil Fedorov (82)
8-2 Rauan Issalyev (86) Penalty stroke