First FIB Anti Doping education in connection with World Championships.

by | Mar 30, 2023 | News

Kazakhstan had four participants on place.

Today, Thursday March 30, FIB conducts the first training in Anti-Doping. It was the start of an activity that FIB will carry out and a plan must be drawn up. It will contain ambitions with the education internationally as well as nationally and locally. The reason why knowledge needs to be constantly increased is also that the level of knowledge and training in the national associations and clubs differ significantly across the bandy world. Therefore, the FIB wants to gradually build up a more even knowledge base for players, managers, referees and other officials.
Here on the FIB website, you can see how extensive the entire anti-doping operation is. PUSH HERE IF YOU WANT TO SEE IT.

Tommy Forsgren

This first training was carried out during the World Championship week in Växjö, Sweden. Tommy Forsgren from AntiDoping Sweden gave a lecture that was broad and rich in content.

The FIB has decided to now focus on education because it is the basis of all work with AntiDoping, just like in all other parts of social life.

FIB will coordinate the work going forward together with the national member associations and adapt the training to each country’s basic knowledge. WADA, the World Anti Doping Association, was established in 1999 and leads the work internationally and sets requirements for the various sports.

We asked Tommy Forsgren some questions about how the anti-doping work has changed and developed?
– Now the work is very much about the health aspect of using preparations and information and education.  There is an imbalance in knowledge between different sports and different countries.

The anti-doping work in Sweden has taken another step and decided that you must attend an education in order to represent the country internationally.

Swedish Bandy Association listened to Tommy Forsgren.

When asked if it is tougher to hunt cheaters today and that they develop cheating methods that science has not caught up with, Tommy Forsgren says:
-Of course, a crime cannot be proven until it is invented, so sometimes certain substances can be used before the control function discovers it.

He concludes by answering the question of whether the percentage of intentional cheating and mistakes has changed, he says:
-The percentage of intentional cheating is vanishingly small. In the vast majority of cases it is about mistakes and ignorance and we are working to change that, concludes Tommy Forsgren from Antidoping Sweden.