by | Feb 23, 2019 | News

STABAEK won the Norwegian Final! Stabaek beat Solberg 6-0 after half time 0-0 in the Final Saturday, February 23 at Marienlyst Arena in Drammen.

The goals in the final
1-0 (47) Christian Randsborg, assist Nikolai Rustad Jensen (corner shot)
2-0 (53) Björn Henning Buskqvist, assist Magnus Högevold (corner shot)
3-0 (54) Nikolai Rustad Jensen, assist Fredrik Randsborg
4-0 (64) Nikolai Rustad Jensen, assist Petter Yngve Löyning
5-0 (80) Markus Ingvaldsen Fremstad, assist Björn Henning Buskqvist
6-0 (87) Markus Ingvaldsen Fremstad, assist Nikolai Rustad Jensen

HÖVIK is Womens Champion in Norway! The team beat Ready 7-1 (half time 4-0) in the Final at Marienlyst Arena in Drammen Saturday, February 23. Hövik was the best team during the game and it was a fair victory.

The goals in the final:
1-0 (02) Sandra Andresen Follesö, assist Julie Storvik
2-0 (17) Julie Storvik, assist Laura Andresen Follesö
3-0 (25) Sandra Andresen Follesö, assist Julie Storvik
4-0 (42) Anette Wiken Lund
5-0 (51) Julie Storvik (penalty shot)
5-1 (56) Ina Kim Dahl (penalty shot)
6-1 (58) Sandra Andresen Follesö, assist Laura Andresen Follesö (corner shot)
7-1 (81) Sandra Andresen Follesö, assist Christine Bustgaard (corner shot)