Indoor games in Hamar, Norway!

by | Oct 6, 2020 | News

Vikingskipet, Hamar, Norway

The indoor arena Vikingskipet in Hamar, Norway is being prepared for a good period of training and games for the Norwegian clubs. The bandy season 2020/2021 will of course not be like other seasons. The training period is completely different than usual for most teams and players in the World of bandy in terms of preparation. It seemed for a long time that it would not be possible to prepare for a full ice surface before the start of the season. Norwegian Elitebandy has landed an agreement that makes it possible for ice in Vikingskipet, so that the clubs get both training and games towards the start of the series.

Great focus has been placed on NBF’s guidelines for conducting training and games in the planning of the days. All clubs have their own people with responsibility for training and games being carried out in accordance with expectations.

Due to the strict procedures, it will unfortunately not be open to the public either at trainings or games, but plans are made for live streaming from the games in Hamar. Read more on Norskbandy.

The teams for men are divided in 3 groups:
Group A – A1 Ready, A2 Mjøndalen, A3 Ullevål
Group B – B1 Ullern, B2 Skeid, B3 Solberg
Group C – C1 Stabæk, C2 Drammen, C3 Sarpsborg

Game schedule MEN

Friday October 16
1500 Ullevål-Mjøndalen
1630 Solberg-Ullern
1800 Sarpsborg-Stabæk
1930 Mjøndalen-Ready
2100 Skeid-Solberg
2230 Drammen-Sarpsborg
2400 Ready-Ullevål

Saturday October 17
0800 Ullern-Skeid
0930 Stabæk-Drammen
1100 Team C3-Lag A3
1230 Team A2-Team B2
1400 Team A1-B1
1530 Team A3-Team B3
1700 Team C2-Team A2
1830 Team C1-Team A1
2000 Team B3-Team C3
2130 Team B2-Team C2
2300 Team B1-Team C1

Game schedule WOMEN

Sunday October 18
0800 Høvik-Ready

0930 Stabæk-Ullevål
1300 Ready-Ullevål
1430 Stabæk-Høvik
1800 Ready-Stabæk
1930 Ullevål-Høvik