Invitations coming up for this winter’s tournaments!

by | Aug 30, 2023 | News

The invitations to the tournaments are now being sent out. FIB send every invitation to all national member federations. 

Team FIB winner of World Cup for Oldboys 2019

The invitations contain all the conditions for the tournament such as arenas, accomodations, travel, number of participating teams, fees/costs and other necessary information.

If your club wants to participate in a World Cup tournament – Stay tuned for the information from your national association!

Each invitation is to be sent out as soon as the organizer have given FIB all the content that should be included in the invitation.

So far, invitations for 3 tournaments have been sent out:

World Cup Girls Y15 for Club teams in Skövde, Sweden January 4-5
World Cup Boys Y17 for Club teams in Stockholm, Sweden January 5-7
World Cup Boys Y19 for Club teams in Sandviken, Sweden, January 2-4

These tournament invitations are waiting for the invitation content from the organizers:

  • World Championship Y19 Boys in Drammen, Norway, January 19-21
  • World Championship Y17 Boys in Mikkeli, Finland, January 19-21
  • World Cup for Oldboys in Haparanda, Sweden, November 17-19 (age +42)
  • World Cup Girls Y17 for Club teams in Skirö, Sweden, in Week 44

What about the World Championships 2024 and 2025
for Men Group A and B and Women?

Work in progress. WCS 2024 to be decided as soon as possible!

Hammarby IF, Sweden winner of FIB World Cup Girls Y17 in 2022