by | Mar 9, 2019 | News

It was a very exciting Finnish final in Laappenranta this Saturday afternoon. JPS looked like clear winners for a long time when they had the lead with 3-0 after half an hour and 3-1 in half time. But the reigning champions Veiterä never gave up and managed to go to 4-4 in the last regular match minute.
The game got settled on overtime. In “sudden death” Saku Hämäläinen scored assisted by Tuomas Rintala.

JPS from Jyväskylä is new Finnish Champion!

The goals in the final:
0-1 (04) Jaakko Hyvönen, assisted by Tuomas Rintala
0-2 (16) Jaakko Hyvönen, assisted by Mikko Rytkönen
0-3 (29) Atte Hänninen, assist Ilari Nikula
1-3 (36) Janne Hauska, assisting Tero Liimatainen
2-3 (49) Tero Liimatainen, assistant Aleksi Seppänen
2-4 (66) Aleksi Niemi, assisting Saku Hämäläinen
3-4 (70) Tero Liimatainen, assisting Aleksi Säppänen
4-4 (90) Janne Hauska, assist Tomi Hauska
4-5 (92) Saku Hämäläinen, assisting Tuomas Rintala