Sveshnikov, Lindquist and Määttä joins SKA Neftyanik!

by | Apr 5, 2020 | News

The legendary Mikhail Sveshnikov now ends his career as a player and begins a coaching career for the Russian champion team SKA Neftyanik in Khabarovsk. Misha is one of the very best players in the history of bandy. He has won 5 World Championships with the Russian national team, 10 Russian Champion titles (7 with Dynamo Moscow and 3 with Vodnik) 5 wins in the World Cup for club teams, 6 golds in the European Cup and even one Swedish champion title with Sandvikens AIK 2011. In addition to the assignment as coach for SKA Neftyanik, Mikhail is also assistant coach for the Russian national team.

Misha is joined in Khabarovsk by Thony Lindquist as an assistant coach. Thony is one of the most experienced coaches in Swedish bandy since he worked as a coach both in Sweden and several years in Russia. After his active period as a player, Thony has trained a number of different elite clubs in Sweden and also in Russia in both Vodnik and Dynamo Moscow.

Mikhail and Thony will travel to Khabarovsk in August. The autumn will have a great start to the season when the postponed final of the Russian league will be played between Dynamo Moscow and SKA Neftyanik.

SKA Neftyanik also gets Sweden’s best player this past season. Tuomas Määttä was recently named Sweden’s best player. He has played in Edsbyn for the past 4 years after moving from Helsinki. In Edsbyn he has won three Swedish championship titles over the four years.

Push…and enjoy 6 minutes of Mikhail Sveshnikov!