by | Apr 24, 2019 | News

Russian Bandy Magazine appoints, since 2013, Most Valuable Players in Russian Super League. The coach and the team captain of each team in the league vote for their three favorite players. They score 3 points to the one they consider to be best and then 2 and 1 points to the other two of their chosen three players. The player who has then accumulated most points from all coaches and team captains will become Most Valuable Player of the year.

The winner of the past season is Maxim Ishkeldin, SKA Neftyanik. He got 51 points and he was chosen as the very best player of 13 of the voting coaches and team captains. Second came Almaz Mirgazov, Yenisei with 41 points and third came Sergey Shaburov, Dynamo Moscow with 13 points.

Of all the other players in Russian Super League, 10 players received points from coaches and team captains. There were Evgeny Dergayev, Vodnik (12 p), Janis Befus, Neftyanik (9 p), Roman Chernykh, Yenisei (7 p), Erik Pettersson, Neftyanik (5 p), Yuri Vikulin, Neftyanik (5 p), Yuri Shardakov, Neftyanik (5 p), Alan Dzhusoev, Neftyanik (2 p), Andrey Zolotarev, Dynamo Moscow (2 p), Danil Kuzmin, Vodnik (2 p) and Artem Prokhorov, Uralsky Trubnik (2 p).