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During a few weeks in March we experience the big national bandy holiday in the biggest bandy countries. Norway was the first country to decide the finals on March 8 and 9. Three finals in Finland and Sweden were decided on Saturday, March 16.  

Villa Lidköping BK won both Swedish finals!

There are two dominating clubs in Sweden at the moment. Villa Lidköping BK and Västerås SK. They are so dominating that both clubs played in both finals.

Villa Lidköping BK women’s champion!

Villa Lidköping was in the lead at half time and had a good control during the second half and it was a well deserved victory. 

Villa Lidköping BK Swedish Women’s Champion. Photo: Romus Ramström

The goals in the final:
1-0 (1) Linnéa Persson, ass. Annie Berner, 1-1 (3) Karla Thuresson, ass. Erica Persson, 1-2 (8) Gabriella Aronsson, ass. Erica Persson, 2-2 (8) Matilda Öhman, ass. Ida Friman, 3-2 (10) Matilda Öhman, 4-2 (12) Ida Friman, ass. Sanna Gustafsson, 4-3 (53) Galina Mykhailova, ass. Julia Norrman, 5-3 (55) Ida Friman, 6-3 (70) Sanna Gistafsson, 6-4 (82) Tova Grönoset, penalty stroke, 7-4 (90) Ellen Nilsson, Sanna Gustafsson.

Villa Lidköping advanced to the final from the semifinal games against Skirö AIK after 2-0 in games. The results was 8-2 away and 3-1 win at home for Villa Lidköping. Västerås also moved to the final by a 2-0 victory in games against Sandvikens AIK after 9-2 away and 5-4 at home.

Villa Lidköping BK won the men’s final on Golden Goal!

Villa Lidköping BK Swedish Men’s Champion! Photo: Romus Ramström

The men’s final was one of the most dramatic in the history of championship finals. 6-6 after ordinary time after Västerås SK scored the last goal with only a few seconds left of the ordinary time. The game got into extra time and Golden Goal. After 1.40 of the extra time Christoffer Edlund was the golden boy by scoring 7-6 and bring the champion title to Lidköping.

The goals in the final (After ordinary time 6-6, half time 4-2)
0-1 (9) Christoffer Fagerström, ass. Martin Landström, 0-2 (16) Christoffer Fagerström, ass. Martin Kandström, 1-2 (21) Petter Björling, ass. Martin Karlsson, 2-2 (25) Christoffer Edlund, ass. Felix Persson, 3-2 (28) Martin Hammarberg, ass. Erik Säfström, 4-2 (39) Martin Hammarberg, ass. Johan Löfstedt, 4-3 (51) Christoffer Fagerström, ass. Jesper Jonsson, 5-3 (52) Christoffer Edlund, ass. Felix Persson, 5-4 (55) Pontus Vilén, 6-4 (63) Christoffer Edlund, ass. Joel Broberg, 6-5 (77) Daniel Johansson, ass. Martin Landström, 6-6 (93) Viktor Spångberg, ass. Jesper Jonsson.
7-6 (1.40 of extra time) Christoffer Edlund, ass. Joel Broberg.

Villa Lidköping won the semifinals against Vetlanda BK by 3-0 in games after 6-2, 7-6 and 10-5. Västerås SK won an exciting semifinal against Edsbyns IF by winning the 5th and decisive semi-final at home 8-4. The teams won 2 games each in the 4 first semifinals. Västerås-Edsbyn 4-5, Edsbyn-Västerås 4-9, Västerås-Edsbyn 2-3 and Edsbyn-Västerås 1-7. All the four first victories away!

Wiipurin Sudet women’s Champion in Finland!

Wiipurin-Akilles 11-0
The Women’s Bandyliiga final between Wiipurin and Akilles took place on Saturday March 8 at Lappeenranta Kisapuisto. Akilles had not really a slightly chance in the struggle. Wiipurin pressed the gas down from the very first minutes and irresistibly storming into the title with an 11-0 (4-0) record. Thus, Wolves returned to the gold standard after one gap year.

Wiipurin women’s Champion! Photo: The Finnish Bandy Federation

The opening goal of the match came after just five minutes of play. After this, there was a slight downturn, but after 30 minutes we saw the final solution and the score in half-time was 4-0. The final staple of the match came right at the beginning of the second half, when the Wiipurin struck twice from two corner shots, and the rest was just cosmetics on the path to 11-0.

The gold team consisted of Siiri Väyrynen, Noora Ellonen, Joanna Nykänen, Fei Ikonen, Aino Hannikainen, Susanna Simola, Jessica Kiettavainen, Sara Oravuo, Krista Juulia Kurronen, Sofia Segerman, Iida Heija, Johanna Hintikka, Anna Tiippana, Minttu Kankaanpää, Anne Koskinen and Petra Verhelä.
1-0 Anna Tiippana, 2-0 Petra Verhelä, 3-0 Susanna Simola, 4-0 Johanna Hintikka, 5-0 Susanna Simola, 6-0 Petra Verhelä, 7-0 Petra Verhelä, 8-0 Sara Oravuo, 9-0 Petra Verhelä, 10-0 Susanna Simola and 11-0 Susanna Simola.

Veiterä won the Men’s final against Akilles!

Photo from VMH Production

The final game was played in rain in Lappeenranta. After an even first half, Veiterä was able to go away to a two-goal lead in the second half, 3-1, and keep the distance and become Finnish champion 2024! After half time, it was the home team who were stronger. Only 16-year-old Paavo Simpura scored from close range and Joonas Peuhkuri made it 3–1 on a corner

Veiterä Finnish Men’s Champion. Photo from VMH Production

The way to the final!
Veiterä beat Botnia in the semifinals at 3-0 in matches and will be given the final at home in Lappeenranta against Akilles. Porvoo’s Achilles made it to the final by beating JPS, Jyväskylä, 2-1 (1-1) in the fourth semi final game. Akilles to final with 3-1 in mathces. The final will be played on Lappeenranta Kisapuisto on Saturday, March 16, 18.00 (GMT +2).

On Friday, the men’s bronze game was scheduled to be played between JPS and Botnia-69. However, the ice at Viitaniemi Sports Park was not playable, and there were no reserve fields available at a suitable distance, so the match had to be cancelled. For this reason, the Finnish Bandy Association, by majority decision of the Board of Directors and the Competition Committee, with the consent of the match jury and both teams, has decided to award the bronze medals in the 2023-2024 season to both JPS and Botnia.

Ready and Stabæk Norwegian Champions!

Ready-NTNUI 5-1 in Women’s final.
Fittingly enough, the Norwegian women’s final was played on International Women’s Day, March 8. The reigning Norwegian champions, Ready, once again qualified for the final. This time against NTNUI, who made it’s debut in the National Championship final for women ! In 2023, Ready won the second NM title in a row in the 5-1 victory over Stabæk. Several hundred excited spectators gathered at Bærum sports park.

Ready women’s Champion! Photo: The Norwegian Bandy Federation

A goalless first half, thanks to two good goalkeepers! Ready breaks the ice and scores 1-0, but it will soon be 1-1. Suddenly the scoreboard explodes! A match that was goalless for a long time suddenly becomes goal-rich, and Ready wins 5-1 in the final!
1-0 (66) Ina Kim Dahl, ass. Isabel Robertsen (corner shot)
1-1 (72) Laura Andresen Follesø
2-1 (74) Laura Andresen Follesø
3-1 (79) Filippa Soelberg Horn, ass. Ina Kim Dahl
4-1 (80) Ina Kim Dahl, ass. Anine Nordstad Grönquist
5-1 (86) Marie Dregler Nordbø, ass. Filippa Soelberg Horn

Drammen-Stabæk 2-4 in Men’s final.
Both teams’ supporters have turned out strong, and the atmosphere before the match is electric on March 9! No one really takes hold of the game. But after 38 minutes we get to see the first score of the match, and it is Stabæk who take the lead. And five minutes later, Stabæk increases the lead. The home team thus goes into the break at 2-0.

Stabæk men’s Champion! Photo: The Norwegian Bandy Federation

It is clear that the temperature on the pitch is starting to rise in the second half. After 57 minutes we get another score and only two minutes later Stabæk are in a 4-0 lead. A reduction finally comes in minute 65. Drammen press towards Stabæk’s goal, and three minutes into overtime Drammen scores the second goal of the match. But the final sprint comes too late, and Stabæk is named Norwegian champion for men, again!
0-1 (39) Markus Ingvaldsen Fremstad, ass. Fredrik Randsborg
0-2 (43) Fredrik Randsborg, ass. Nikolai Rustad Jensen
0-3 (57) Fredrik Randsborg, ass. Nikolai Rustad Jensen (corner shot)
0-4 (59) Nikolai Rustad Jensen, penalty stroke.
1-4 (66) Even Lervåg Thiseth
2-4 (93) Marius Mørch Andersen, ass. Alv Sandaroe