Neftyanik won the first cup of the season!

by | Sep 9, 2019 | News

SKA Neftyanik won its first tournament this season when the team won the final in the Khabarovsk Krai Governor Cup over Baikal Energy by 10-2 after 6-2 at halftime. The win was a 7500 Euro victory check. Best scorer in the final was Erik Pettersson 4 goals, followed by Artem Bondarenko 2 goals. Yuri Shardakov, Alexey Torgonsky, Maxim Ishkeldin and Dmitry Anikin 1 goal each. Scorers for Baikal Energy were Vyatcheslav Vdovenko and Vladislav Kuznetsov. During the final there was a large audience on site in Khabarovsk, 6 346 people.

The third prize was won by Bollnäs, who beat Edsbyn 6-4. Scorers for Bollnäs were Christoffer Fagerström and Philip Flodstam 2 goals each and 1 goal was scored by Christian Mickelsson and Samuli Helavuori. Scorers for Edsbyn were Tuomas Määttä, Mathias Larsson, Martin Fridh and Ted Hedell.

The next major tournament for all four teams will be the World Cup in Sandviken, October 9-13.