New rule for misconduct this season!

by | Aug 25, 2023 | News

FIB have been working with a a proposal to change one rule for international games for the coming season. And it went from proposal to a decision in FIB Technical Committee to implement full-time penalties for misconducts instead of 10 minutes penalty. This was implemented in Sweden last season with great success. By doing this, teams will self-police their problem players more. Sweden went, for example, from 50 misconducts to 15 in one year.

Players and coaches liked this. The change will probably prevent players, also in international tournaments, from behaving out of good sportsmanship.  

Egil Larsen, Chairman of FIB Rules and Referees Committee.

The proposal came from FIB Rules and Referees Committee. Egil Larsen, is Chairman:
-We want to do this change because we believe that the teams will have more focus in good behavior inside the teams. By doing this change we believe that we can minimize the penalties for misconduct. That is good for the game of bandy. No one wants to see players behaving in an improper manner.

-It means that a player that is serving a penalty for misconduct must sit on the penalty bench for 10 min. It doesn’t matter how many goals the opposing team scores during those 10 minutes, says Egil Larsen.

The new rule will be implemented in international games the coming season 2023/2024.