News from FIB Executive Committee!

by | Apr 2, 2024 | News

FIB held an Executive Committee (EC) meeting on 25 March to discuss several important topics related to the organization . The main focus of the meeting was the allocation of FIB 2025 World Championships (Men & Women) and finalization of the date and place of this year’s FIB Congress and Elections.

After continuous discussion with the Swedish Bandy Federation (SBF), the FIB EC approved to host the FIB 2025 World Championships for both Men and Women. The competition will be held between 25-30 March 2025 in Lidköping and will be organized by Villa Lidköping BK and SBF. Sweden will also host the B World Championships for men, however dates, host city and organizing club are still to be decided. Sweden will also organize the FIB 2025 World Championships Boys 17 and Boys 19.

The FIB EC unanimously approved to hold the FIB Congress and Election on 8 June 2024 in Stockholm (Arlanda Airport). Once the details on accommodation will be finalized Member Associations will be notified accordingly. 

On different topic’s, in order to honor the sport’s most prominent individuals, FIB EC decided to establish the FIB Hall of Fame. The EC also appointed the 3rd member to the FIB Disciplinary Committee, therefore the Committee is now completed and can start its work.

In order to support greater transparency in FIB’s operation, the EC Minutes are always published after approval under the Executive Committee.