Ready champion among women in Norway!

by | Mar 9, 2022 | News

The Norwegian women’s final, Tuesday 8 March, was very exciting. Ready is Norwegian Champion 2022. Høvik started the scoring through Sandra Andresen Follesø after only 2 minutes of play. Høvik then increased to 2-0 and the goal scorer was Andrea Aslaksen after 25 minutes. Readys Ingrid Elizabeth Tufte reduces to 2-1 but Høvik increases to 3-1 by scorer Laura Andresen Follesø for the second time.

Ready starts the second half strongest and after two goals by Linnéa Nordstad Grönquist and Ine Kim Dahl, it was even 3-3. The rest of the match was very tight. Linnéa Nordstad Grönquist in Ready makes 4-3 on a penalty shot before Laura Andresen Follesø at the end of the match made 4-4 which is also the final result.

The draw results in an extension with Sudden death but no goals after 2×10 minutes. Penalty shootout had to decide and Ready was most effective. Linnéa Nordstad Grönquist and Marie Bolme set their penalties for Ready while only Lara Sophie shot a penalty goal for Høvik.