Responsibilities of Athlete Support Personnel

by | Apr 9, 2023 | Anti-Doping

FIB expects all Athlete Support Personnel to support doping-free bandy and to be aware of these responsibilities and comply with them:

  1. To be knowledgeable of and comply with all antidoping rules applicable to them or the Athletes whom they support.
  2. To cooperate with the Athlete Testing program.
  3. To use their influence on Athlete values and behavior to foster anti-doping attitudes.
  4. To disclose to their National Anti-Doping Organization and International Federation any decision by a non-Signatory finding that they committed an anti-doping rule violation within the previous ten (10) years.
  5. To cooperate with Anti-Doping Organizations investigating anti-doping rule violations.
  6. Athlete Support Personnel shall not Use or Possess any Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method without valid justification*.

* [Comment to 6: In those situations where Use or personal Possession of a Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method by an Athlete Support Person without justification is not an anti-doping rule violation under the Code, it should be subject to other sport disciplinary rules. Coaches and other Athlete Support Personnel are often role models for Athletes. They should not be engaging in personal conduct which conflicts with their responsibility to encourage their Athletes not to dope.]

Support of Athlete Support Personnel by FIB

To facilitate different Athlete Support Personnels understanding of and complying with the rules, the following tips and tools are offered:


  • Athlete Support Persons includes: Any coach, trainer, manager, agent, team staff, official, medical personnel. Parent or any other person working with, treating or assisting an athlete participating in or preparing for a competition.
  • Athlete Support Personnel may be sanctioned if they violate the anti-doping rules.

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