Retroactive TUE applications

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Anti-Doping

You may only apply retroactively for a TUE if:

  • You required emergency or urgent treatment of a medical condition.
  • There was insufficient time, opportunity or other exceptional circumstances that prevented you from submitting a TUE application, or having it evaluated, before getting tested.
  • You tested positive after using a substance out‐of competition that is only prohibited in-competition.
  • You are NOT an International‐Level Athlete or a National‐Level Athlete (in accordance with the definition of your International Federation and National Antidoping Organization (NADO).

In rare and exceptional circumstances and notwithstanding any other provision in the ISTUE, you may apply for and be granted  retroactive approval for a therapeutic use of a prohibited substance or method, if considering the purpose of the Code, it would be manifestly unfair not to grant a retroactive TUE. This unique retroactive TUE will only be granted with the prior approval of WADA (and WADA may in its absolute discretion agree with or reject such decisions by FIB).