Russia to Saturday Final!

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Tournaments, world-championship-men-2019

Russia is the first team to Saturday’s World Championship final after a strong victory against Finland. The Finnish team held up well until the half-time rest, but then Russia could go away through a quick lead goal after the break.
The victory was fair and the Russian team was stronger in the end. But Finland will have a praise for its two efforts against Russia in the two latest games. Maxim Ishkeldin was again great player in Russia.

The goals in this semi-final:
0-1 Markus Kumpuoja (8 mins)
1-1 Evgeny Dergaev (15)
2-1 Maxim Vasilenko (22)
2-2 Jimi Heinonen (37)
3-2 Almaz Mirazov (51)
4-2 Maxim Ishkeldin (52)
5-2 Artem Bondarenko (67)
6-2 Evgeny Dergaev (81)