by | Jan 4, 2019 | News

A big game filled with prestige was played in Khabarovsk, Russia, on Friday, January 4. To commemorate the legendary Russian coach Vasily Dmitrievich Trofimov, who was to be 100 years old this year, a “Super Bowl” match was arranged between Russian champions SKA Neftyanik and Trofimov’s own club Dynamo Moscow, which he devoted his life to.

SKA Neftyanik won the game 10-2 in front om 8 289 spectators.

Scorers for Neftyanik: Artem Bondarenko 2, Maxim Ishkeldin 2, Alexander Antipov 2, Alan Dzhusoev 1, Janis Befus 1, Erik Pettersson 1 and Alexander Kim 1 goal.

Scorers for Dynamo Moscow: Dmitry Barbakov 1 and Roman Darkovsky 1 goal.

Artem Bondarenko scored 2 goals!