Sweden and Finland refrain from participating in Irkutsk!

by | Aug 24, 2021 | News

The bandy federations in Sweden and Finland have each decided not to participate in the World Championships in Irkutsk, 11-17 October. The decisions are made in the light of the ongoing covid pandemic.

Norway has previously chosen to say no to the tournament in Irkutsk.

-It is out of respect for the health of our players and others. That’s why Sweden can not participate now, says Per-Anders Gustafsson, chairman of the Swedish Bandy Federation. We have acted in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations. Based on the current pandemic situation and the uncertainty it entails, we also do not want to risk exposing the Swedish healthcare system to greater strain, Gustafsson concludes.

Jari Kettunen, chairman of the Finnish Bandy Federation:
-In this exceptional situation, travel restrictions established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the players’ health and social security are the main reason for our decision.

It is of course very unfortunate for everyone, but we think that it is the only right solution, Kettunen continues.

Bo Nyman is Secretary General of FIB, Federation of International Bandy:
-It is very sad to be reached by the decisions from Sweden and Finland. We will give further information in a couple of days.