by | Mar 8, 2019 | News, Tournaments, winter-universiade

The Swedish women’s team became historic in the Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk when the team won the final against Russia by 5-3. It is the first gold medal ever to be awarded in the bandy as bandy participated for the first time in the Winter Universiade.
Russia was in the lead for a long time in the match but the last 10 minutes belonged to Sweden entirely.

The goals of the final:
0-1 (13 min) Olga Bogdanova
0-2 (40) Olga Bogdanova
1-2 (46) Agnes Ögren
2-2 (50) Linnea Larsson
2-3 (62) Karina Lipanova (Penalty stroke)
3-3 (84) Ida Friman
4-3 (86) Matilda Svenler (Penalty stroke)
5-3 (88) Linnea Larsson

Silver to Russia!

Norway beat USA in Bronze game 4-1