Sweden-Finland in both golden finals!

by | Jan 21, 2023 | News

Sweden and Finland will meet in the final games in both World Championships Boys Y17 and Y19 this Sunday, January 22.


Depending on Hungary’s disqualification in Y19-tournament, each team in that tournament only played two matches before the final. Since Sweden won against the other two teams, Sweden was first ready for the final. Finland beat Norway in the last game on Saturday, 5-2.

Y19-final Sunday, January 22, 14.00 (GMT+1) Sweden-Finland    Read more here

It will also be a golden final between Sweden and Finland in the other World Championship Boys Y17. In the absolutely decisive match which team would meet Sweden in the final, Norway and Finland offered great drama. The match ended 2-2, which meant that only one goal separated the teams in the table. If Norway had scored a winning goal, the Norwegians would have gone to the final, but now it will be Finland who met Sweden in the final.

Y17-final Sunday, January 22, 11.30 (GMT+1) Sweden-Finland    Read more here