Sweden to final in Oslo!

by | Feb 21, 2020 | 2020-wcs-women, News, Tournaments

Sweden, as expected, became Russia’s opponent in the final of the women’s World Championship. Finland did not become a tough opponent in the wind in Oslo. Now it will be the big favorites Sweden and Russia that meet in the final. When the teams met in the Round robin, Sweden won by 3-2. Now the home team Norway meet Finland in the bronze medal match. Both games will be played Saturday, October 22.

Sweden will fight to defend the gold medal from last Womens World Championship in China 2018. Of course, Russia is playing to push Sweden down from the Womens bandy throne.

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The goals in the semi final Sweden-Finland:
1-0 (21) Ida Friman
2-0 (29) Sanna Gustafsson 
3-0 (31) Emma Ahlander, assist Anna Fosselius 
4-0 (36) Matilda Plan
5-0 (46) Matilda Plan
5-1 (58) Nerissa Sorsa, assist Marisa Klemola
6-1 (72) Tilda Ström, 
7-1 (74) Linnéa Larsson
8-1 (79) Matilda Plan
9-1 (87) Tilda Ström