by | Jan 22, 2023 | News

Sweden became world champions in Gothenburg for both Boys Y17 and Y19 when the tournaments ended. The final for Boys Y19 was particularly dramatic with a total of 8 goals in the first half after a 4-0 lead for Finland. Then Finland received a rough match penalty which meant that the team played one man less for the entire second half. It may have decided because the game was decided with the winning goal for Sweden in the final minutes. 5-4 to Sweden after 4-4 in half time.

It was Sweden that showed the strength in the other final of the other World Championships for Boys Y17 when the final was decided on Sunday. The winning numbers were 5-3 after 3-1 at halftime. It was an even and exciting final where the home team still lived up to expectations and are now reigning world champions.

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