by | Mar 2, 2019 | News, Tournaments, world-championship-girls-17

It was a very dramatic and snowy final for girls 17 in Varkaus, Finland, this Saturday, March 2. Sweden started the final by taking the lead with 1-0, scorer Ellen Nilsson after 33 minutes. 1-0 at half time. Russian player Mila Pavlovetc scored 1-1 after 9 minutes into the second half. 1-1 at full time and extension was required to separate the teams. 4 minutes into “sudden death” Tilda Ström was the Swedish hero by scoring 2-1. A very good and exciting final with the world’s two best teams.
FIB congratulates Sweden to the gold medals and Russia to the silver.

Finland won the bronze medal. The bronze game was very exciting and ended up 1-1. Over time got to decide the game. No goals on overtime and the game hade to be decided by penalty shots. Norwegian made only one goal on these penalty shots and Finland made two penalty goals.

The goals in the bronze game:
1-0 (7) Nora Bergersen, 1-1 (38) Lina Lempinen
Penalty scorer for Norway: Laura Follesö 1 goal of 5 penalties
Penalty scorers for Finland: Tytti Lempinen and Emma Janhunen 2 goals on 5 panelties