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The Swedish bandy final in Uppsala, Saturday, March 23, was perhaps the very best ever played. 18 667 spectators and Villa Lidköping became Swedish champion for the first time. The club and the people in Lidköping have been waiting for many years to win the gold, despite having only played 4 Swedish finals before. The game was intense with fast and aggressive bandy all the time. Västerås offered a big fight, at least in first half. In the second half, Villa was too difficult and could go to a victory with 8-4.

The goals in the game
1-0 (10) Tim Persson
1-1 (13) Ted Bergström
2-1 (30) Jesper Eriksson
2-2 (34) Martin Landström
3-2 (36) Martin Andreasson
4-2 (37) Martin Karlsson
5-2 (40) Martin Johansson
6-2 (60) Joakim Andersson
7-2 (62) David Karlsson
7-3 (85) Oscar Gröhn
7-4 (89) Robin Andersson
8-4 (90) Johan Löfstedt

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It was a hugely exciting game in Swedish womens final when Västerås became Swedish champion. A new fantastic audience record was struck for female finals in Sweden when 6,478 people saw the game at Studenternas arena in Uppsala. The game ended 3-3 during regular time. During the 2 x 10 minutes extra time, no goals were made so penalty strokes had to settle the game. Västerås won by
making two goals in the penalty shooting. Skutskärs IF missed all their penalty strokes.

The goals of the final
1-0 (30) Gabriella Aronsson
2-0 (40) Charlotte Selbekk
2-1 (44) Tatiana Gurinchik
2-2 (59) Tatiana Gurinchik
2-3 (61) Emma Ahlander
3-3 (72) Matilda Plan

Penalty strokes after extra time
Linda Lohiniva and Matilda Plan for Västerås SK.

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