Teams ready for 3 nations tournament!

by | Jan 16, 2020 | News, training-tournaments

The teams are now ready for the 3 nations tournament in Finland. The games will be played in Porvoo and Lappeenranta, January 24-26.

Friday Night in Porvoo

First, the Bandy caravan will stop in Porvoo. Veiterä. Match between Finland and Sweden will take place on Friday, January 24, at 19:00 (UTC +2) at Pallokenttä Arena in Porvoo.

Weekend in Lappeenranta

The tournament will continue in Lappeenranta on Saturday, January 25. Russia will meet Sweden at Kisapuisto Arena, at 13:00 (UTC +2).  Finland will meet Russia on Sunday at 13:00 (UTC+2).

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