by | Sep 23, 2022 | News

There is now a preparatory ongoing work that has started with the intention to carry out a World Championship tournament for men Group A at the end of the coming season. The conditions were discussed at the FIB Technical Committee meeting on Wednesday this week.

There is a great desire and need among players and leaders in many countries to start measuring themselves internationally again after the pandemic and try to implement it despite the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The Swedish Bandy Federation has been tasked by FIB TC to send out a request for interest to 8 national federations that are qualified for World Championship Group A. Russia is also qualified of course as reigning World Champion, but under current circumstances Russia will not participate in any championship this season. Russia is reigning champion after a Golden Goal victory against Sweden 2019 after 5-5 during ordinary playing time.

Finland, Norway, Sweden, Kazakhstan, USA and Germany remain in Group A after the 2019 championship in Vänersborg, Sweden. The Group A has been postponed since that. Estonia won Group B in 2019 and is also qualified for Group A this season together with Hungary who won Group B in Irkutsk, Russia 2020.

When the national federations have answered the request FIB Executive Committee will decide if there will be a World Championship for men Group A this season or it will be in form of another international tournament. That depends on how many of those national federations that will be participating in current situation.

The decision will be made as soon as possible so that the planning work can be carried out in the best way.