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Chris Middlebrook

The Christmas-Wish-Gift for any bandy lover is without a doubt the book «The Bandy Chronicles» written by Chris Middlebrook. It will be released in not so distant future.

The bandy legend Esko Tammilehto stated that «everyone who loves bandy and sport should read the book».

USA bandy icon and hall of famer Chris Middlebrook has written a book titled “The Bandy Chronicles – My Pursuit of a Forgotten Sport”. The Bandy Chronicles consists of 119 short stories/vignettes about US Bandy and Chris’ bandy experiences from December 1980 to the present. The Bandy Chronicles will be published the winter of 2019-20. Details of price and point of sales will come soon. In the meantime some of the 119 stories will be available to read by clicking the link below.

“The Bandy Chronicles” on USA Bandy website

Bandy legends about «The Bandy Chronicles»:
Ola Johansson: “Chris Middlebrook’s ability to convey in writing the beauty of bandy is compelling.”

Esko Tammilehto: “In this book Chris Middlebrook has also shown that he is an exceptional writer.” 

Sergei Lomanov Jr: “Chris Middlebrook captures the US and Russia bandy connection perfectly.”

Christer Lystad: “The Bandy Chronicles is unlike any other bandy book ever written. One short story leaves you eager to read the next story. 118 times over.”

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