The future in sight – Where will FIB 2025 World Championships be played?

by | Aug 19, 2023 | News

Sweden World Champion Men 2023

FIB now has its sights set on the future World Championships. Where, for example, will the tournaments for seniors, men and
women be played in 2025? That’s an intriguing question. Everyone in the bandy world hopes, of course, that the war will end so that we can again play the best tournaments with all the best teams. But when that happens remains to be seen. Now FIB has its eyes on 2025 and where the men’s and women’s tournaments will be played.

The latest championships were played last spring in Sweden. Now all national member associations of the FIB have the chance to show interest in arranging one or both of the women’s and men’s championships in the end of the season 2024/2025. FIB is now issuing an invitation to all the national member associations to submit their expressions of interest.

Sweden World Champion Women 2023

The proposals includes for example:
What tournament the association want to organize?
In which city or cities it will be played?
Number of arenas (outdoor/indoor)?
Number of teams?
Live TV/Radio broadcasts and online broadcast productions?
etc. etc.

Hungary winner of Men Group B 2023

FIB kindly ask the national member associations to send their response, including the filled
Application Form as soon as possible, latest by September 15, 2023 in order to evaluate
and decide as soon as possible.